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Welcome to the Mount Sinai Weather site. Same information as the prior configuration, in a hopefully easier to navigate format. The information will now be more responsive to different screen sizes found on tablets and cell phones.

Another significant improvement is the addition of WeatherDisplay Live, (click the link or find it under "Bells & Whistles" in the menu). WeatherDisplay Live uses Adobe Flash to present a continually updating display of the current weather. Flash is already on most desktops and many handheld devices. Android users may have to search out and download Flash for their device.

Mt. Sinai is located on the north shore of Long Island, about 55 miles east of the New York City limit. It is within the Town of Brookhaven, just east of Port Jefferson and the New York State University at Stony Brook.

Note: if the time on the weather station's main screen below, or the "current conditions" page is not current, please reload the page.